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If your dog gets skin lesions or other symptoms consult your vet, without delay. “Unexplained redness, sores or swelling of the skin (on the paws, legs, body, face, tongue or mouth) are often the first sign of this disease.” (AMVS, Feb 2016)  After five years, we still don’t know what causes Alabama Rot.  From analysis by AlabamaRot.co.uk, we do know that 90% of confirmed cases have been in the six months during Winter and Spring (December – May). Information about Alabama Rot / CRGV for dog owners from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS).

“Cases of CRGV have been reported from across many different counties in the UK and AMVS are not currently advising dog owners to avoid any particular locations. Although an environmental cause for this disease is considered possible it has not been proven with testing to date.” (AMVS Feb 2016)

“It is possible that there is an environmental ‘trigger’ but this is currently unknown. It is therefore up to each individual dog walker to decide whether to avoid certain types of terrain, or certain areas.” (AMVS, April 2016)

AlabamaRot.co.uk has logged all confirmed cases and all suspected cases on two maps. These maps have been viewed over 250,000 times since November 2012.

How do I stop my dog from getting CRGV?

“Unfortunately, as the cause is currently unknown, it is very difficult to give specific advice about prevention. You may wish to consider bathing any area of your dog which becomes wet or muddy on a walk; however, at this stage we do not know if this is necessary or of any benefit.” (AMVS, Feb 2016)

“Washing dogs after a walk (using tepid water) might be a sensible precaution but it is unknown as to whether this is either necessary or of any benefit (please do not use strong antiseptics / disinfectants or other chemicals to bathe dogs. This could be harmful.) (AMVS, April 2016)

“The majority of Alabama Rot affected dogs have been walked in woodland… An environmental trigger is strongly suspected but has not been confirmed.” (AMVS, Facebook, Jan 2016)

If you suspect Alabama Rot don’t delay visiting your vet! Your vet should read this info from AMVS. AlabamaRot.co.uk suggests your vet might consider referring your dog to AMVS – they have probably the best record of successfully treating Alabama Rot cases (the vast majority of vets have never treated any dogs for the disease).

Source: AMVS

5-minute review of Alabama Rot by a vet.

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  1. Hi, a dog has died of alabama rot recently and is reported as having being always walked on Trinity hill axminster which is where I live with my dogs. Could you advise me please as to how long to avoid walking my dogs in that area? is it in the soil? will it be washed away by rain? is it in plants or bushes? Will it always be in that enviroment? any information you could give me would be most useful please as I do live in Trinity Hill and it is my dog walking zone.
    many thanks and best wishes

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