Midlothian, Scotland: Dog dies of suspected CRGV (Alabama Rot)

On 16th April 2016 ICR Vets posted news of a suspected  (confirmed by post-mortem?) case of Alabama Rot / CRGV that was presented early March 2016.

ICR Vets in Edinburgh said:

“We can confirm [update Feb 2017: case was NOT ‘Confirmed by AMVS’] that we treated a case of Alabama Rot at the start of March. The disease is almost always fatal and our case sadly did not make it…. We are not advising any areas to avoid in Midlothian as we don’t know where the disease has come from – but the best advice is to wash and dry dogs feet after walks, and to be vigilant checking your dogs for new skin lesions. If you see any suspicious lesions please contact us on 0131 440 4229.”

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