Can Alabama Rot be avoided?

Vet David Harris says:

“As we don’t know the exact cause, avoidance is difficult. However, thorough washing of your dog’s coat after walking in woodland (especially if muddy… like everywhere this year!) is a sensible precaution that should reduce the risk. In addition, it is likely that certain places pose a higher risk than others; if there has been a case in your area, it is probably wise to avoid areas where the affected dog(s) were walked in the days before they were diagnosed. It’s also really important to check your dogs over regularly – not just for sores or ulcers, but also for cuts, ticks, mats of hair or other injuries.” (1)

Alabama Rot cases maps

Two Cases Maps

Since December 2012 has compiled two Alabama Rot maps: the Confirmed Alabama Rot Cases Map and the All Alabama Rot Cases Map (confirmed, unconfirmed & suspected cases).

With the agreement of the Alabama Rot Research Fund & Anderson Moores Vet Specialists, both these maps have been retired from 5th October 2017.

Vets4Pets Alabama Rot map

Instead, we suggest dog owners check the Vets4Pets map of confirmed Alabama Rot cases.







(1) David Harris BVSc MRCVS – January 7th, 2016 ‘Do I need to worry about Alabama Rot?’  (accessed 5th October 2017)



12 Replies to “CRGV Maps”

  1. There was a confirmed case in Galashiels last year and it isnt on the map.
    There was an unconfirmed one I think in Dalkeith right at the start as I had a vet stay with me at the time and she told me it was this.

  2. Im pretty sure atleast 2 cases of Alabama rot were confirmed in St Austell last year 2018 but arent on the map. It was published in Cornwall live and also reading confirmed by vets

  3. Hi just one question, it this Alabama rot a viral, bacterial or fungal infection? If it is none of these them maybe radiation should be considered. If that’s the case then there is not cure and the precautions would be to only walk dogs around your own garden.

  4. We lost our weim over the weekend. Post mortem will confirm but having presented with a lesion on Friday, he was left to sleep on Tuesday having suffered almost total liver and kidney failure. We are based near Worksop and he regularly runs in open woodland. He was almost 3 years old. We have a 4 year old weim who is fine and would have been in all the same places…

  5. My Tibetan mastiff might have it in his mouth vets done blood test and done biopsy on red lumps in his mouth
    Just got to wait to see what biopsy is kidneys are ok to many white cells in blood
    Just got to wait his on pills and at home with me
    He has only been on my land

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