Is CRGV (Alabama Rot) due to radiation poisoning? by Laura Holm, Anderson Moores Vets received an email today from vet Laura Holm of Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS) in Winchester.

Laura wrote:

“I have come across comments indicating that people are concerned about CRGV being the result of radiation poisoning. All possibilities are being carefully considered, but the histopathological changes seen with CRGV are different from those seen in the kidney following radiation damage – namely with CRGV, the glomerular capillaries specifically are targeted, whereas with radiation nephropathy, the vessels throughout the interstitium undergo damage.”

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  1. Hi Kieth,
    So sorry about your loss. Your question makes me want to laugh and cry. Mainly cry. I note that Forbidden Corner is heavily wooded and downwind of a Eskmeals, a known depleted-uranium firing range, and practically on top of Bellerby Range where they use bullets and anti-tank rounds – the best of which are made of DU.

    Also upwind, they are decommissioning Sellafield, where they have had at least one nuclear disaster and disturbing high-level radioactive sludge that was dumped in the open air “pool” when that went up in the fifties. They made nuclear bombs there and at Calder Hall for decades and pumped out waste just offshore, so kids died from playing in the radioactive seaside mud there. You have an active nuclear base at Barrow, and two active reactors at Heysham all of which ROUTINELY release nuclear waste up the chimney stacks, and pump radioactive liquids and solids into land, sea and air.

    Further upwind, on the Northern Hemisphere jet stream there are dozens of ageing US power plants that are also ROUTINELY releasing radionuclides – by design – or it would get too radioactive inside.They vent radiactivity every time they fuel the reactors and when there are leaks.

    Still further upwind of us on the Northern Hemisphere jet stream – of which the UK gets the lion’s share – is Fukushima – three total reactor melt-downs. They have melted through the 20′ concrete bases into the earth below and are polluting the underground river that flows into the pacific. There also numerous fuel-pool and equipment pool melt-downs. The fuel pools, of course, held some 4000 tons of old spent fuel rods – more dangerous than new fuel – before the melt-downs. The fuel pools burned and the fission continues in open air to this day – six years later. You can see the smoke on the Web cams.

    I don’t know whether all that lot killed your poor pet, but I am certain that it could have. The same pollution killed sheep at Sellafield – just Google it.

    Of course, before all that lot can pollute the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, it has to get past Forbidden Corner, where the sticky leaves catch radioactive particles, then fall to the ground and rot in winter, then dry to dust in the summer. All a dog has to do is sniff the ground and lap the puddles, and it will get a cocktail of hundreds of radionuclides, caesium, strontium, plutonium and so on. Its paws, legs and underbelly will be exposed to microscopic but highly active nuclear particles that can irritate the skin and if your dog licks it or gnaws at it, the particles enter the digestive system then the bloodstream and will end up in the kidneys, where they WILL do damage. We are only arguing about how much.

    Your dog’s paws tell us that it may have walked in some contaminant – it is known that nuclear particles will lodge in dogs’ paws. Horses are somewhat immune as they are taller and have hooves

    So, to answer your question: The radioactive sites are all over the place in the UK and throughout the world. The question is “If not radioactive particles, what other contaminant would you find all over the UK?”. That we have CRGV in patches both North and South makes radioactive particles more likely to be the cause – not less. All I want is for someone to investigate that cause – properly – not just dismiss it half-heartedly as the vets appear to have done.

    Plenty more here: or just google Fukushima.

  2. Open comment to Laura Holm:
    So far as I know, I am the first/only person to suggest that radioactive particles are the cause. I have no axe to grind against you or Anderson Moores, but I have found your comments and theirs here perplexing and contradictory.

    1) Firstly, your/their answer (above) has been a long time coming and tells us one thing for certain . You have not tested for it.
    2) Your statement that “All possibilities are being carefully considered” does not appear to square with other statements on this site saying that Radiation had been ruled out.

    3) You say that the “histopathological changes seen with CRGV are different from those seen in the kidney following radiation damage – namely with CRGV, the glomerular capillaries specifically are targeted, whereas with radiation nephropathy, the vessels throughout the interstitium undergo damage.”

    Glomerular damage is in no way inconsistent with radiation poisoning. You can google this for yourself, or I can post several links here that state that it is one of the FIRST effects indications of radiation poisoning. Interstitium damage FOLLOWS glomerular damage. Local glomerular damage is entirely consistent with the consumption and entry into the bloodstream of radioactive particulates.

    3) Your statement above make no distinction between EXTERNAL, whole organ/body exposure, and INTERNAL radiation – radioactive particles/substances eaten, drunk, breathed in by the dog or entering the bloodstream directly. Internal and external radiation have different effects on the body, the one causing widespread damage, the other causing local damage by accumulating inside our pets’ organs, the thyroid (iodene), the muscles (caesium), bones (strontium), and so on. Such local damage is a HALLMARK of radiation poisoning. Glomerular damage – damage to the filters at the entrance to the kidneys would be caused as radioactive particles are filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidneys. Local glomerular damage has even been observed following general external radiation exposure, e.g. in radiation treatment. Power stations routinely emit all manner of radioactive particles into the atmosphere – that is what the chimneys are for. Firing ranges – like the one upwind of the New Forest have used DU, and major nuke research reactors have also been decommissioned (radioactive structures demolished) upwind of the NF. The trees catch the particles. Winter rains will wash it into streams and puddles. Your dog sniffs/drinks it/walks in it.
    4) As radiation, like aids, attacks the immune system, there is no way you can tell anyone that radiation can be ruled out as at least partial cause of ANY disease.
    5) Some 2000 different radionuclides are created by nuclear fission. Each one has a non-radioactive equivalent that the body will use caesium is an analogue for potassium, strontium is an analogue for calcium (hence bone cancer). Each one has its own pathological signature, so you have some way to go to disprove each and every one of them.

    In short, nothing I read here eliminates my own guess that dogs are sniffing up radioactive dust and/or lapping up radioactive water and/or treading in radioactive dust. This explanation is entirely consistent with the location of the lesions.

    Yes, I know I can be wrong, but what you or AM have posted here does not yet convinces me of that. Sorry :o). If this were not radiation, it is some other contaminant. If not radiation, then what?

    1. My dog walked in Middleham North Yorkshire at Forbidden Corner on the 30 January 2017 , on the 1st February she had sore legions on her front paws , on the 8th February she’s diagnosed as having Alabama Rot , she died on the Monday 13th February. While I see where your coming from with radiation , that does not explain why the cases are are all over the UK ?

    2. What a load of sensationalism. If radiation were at a level that it could kill animals then why aren’t ANY humans reported to have developed even slightly suggestive symptoms of radiation exposure / sickness once there dogs become unwell. Radiation doesn’t discriminate.

      Come on. Its woodland. Hardly the Elephants Foot.

      1. And when was the last time YOU ran around with no clothes on, sniffing at the bottom of trees, rolling about in mud and lapping from puddles? No? Well neither did the owners of these dogs. More than enough reason for them not to be affected by this.

        The only thing that is sensational here is your reaction to my reasonable enquiry: I swear I don’t know whether this is radiation-induced or not, but you clearly must know very little about radiation. I challenge you to show me a single scientific paper that supports your theory that radiation affects all species equally.

        With rather more respect than your reply shows, I can tell you that you really should check your facts before you criticise. Radiation is KNOWN to discriminate between species, between young and old and between male and female. If you look up radiation poisoning on wikipedia – as I have – and read up on countless research papers and other information sources on the Web, you will find that out.

        It does not take an “Elephant’s Foot” to kill (he’s talking about the Chernobyl melt-down), just a sufficiency of particulates in your bloodstream – as Litvinenko found out.

        Fukushima – directly upwind of us on the jet stream suffered three meltdowns each more serious than the Chernobyl “Elephant’s Foot”. Unlike Chernobyl, where the release was largely contained within days, the Fukushima particulate releases have never been contained and open air fission continues into land, sea and air to this very day.

        You are the dog owners. Those are the facts. Make of them what you will.

    3. Hi Graham,
      In your reply to Laura Holm (first of the point 3s)): you say “Glomerular damage is in no way inconsistent with radiation poisoning… it is one of the FIRST effects indications of radiation poisoning. Interstitium damage FOLLOWS glomerular damage. Local glomerular damage is entirely consistent with the consumption and entry into the bloodstream of radioactive particulates.”

      My interpretation of Laura Holms’ post is that if radiation was the cause of CRGV then BOTH glomerular AND interstitium damage would be observed. But NO interstitium damage is ever observed with CRGV, therefore CRGV cannot be caused by radiation.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Sorry I missed your comment. I have so far seen no evidence from Laura in support of the premise “BOTH glomerular AND interstitium damage would be observed”. I have, however, seen plenty of evidence against that assertion:

        For instance, there are two different pathways for the radiation exposure, and from the online studies I have read, neither would affect the interstitium as soon or as much as the glomerulus (I believe I have posted links elsewhere on this site):

        With FULL-BODY radiation exposure from some source outside the body, it is fair to say that there would be damage to both glomerulus and interstitium. however, even in that case, glomerular damage PRECEDES the interstitium damage – as I recall, by several weeks. The dogs that die of CRGV do not even last that long, so damage to the interstitium would NOT be evident at the time of death (some three weeks appanrently).

        However my argument is about radioactive particles lapped up in water and deposited in the dogs’ legs and bellies when they lick lesions. These particulates bombard living cells at point-blank range, and cause infinitely more damage.

        With ingested particles, however, the case for radiation poisoning may be stronger still, because particulates are filtered by the glomerulus at the head of the kidney and would not, presumably, proceed in anything like the same concentration to the rest of the kidney.

        In any case, AM have not even checked EITHER location for radioactive particles, which is rather strange, given that radioactive deposits from Fukushima, firing ranges and power station leaks and so on are a given, and the symptoms (lesions and organ damage) are known radiation poisoning symptoms.

  3. I have 2 questions which I believe are worth considering.

    Have any cases been confirmed in coniferous forest areas or just deciduous ones.

    Areas where disease has been identified are fequented by caravanners with dogs

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