Does a CRGV trigger occur up to two weeks before skin lesions appear?

I asked Anderson Moores “Is trigger for CRGV more likely to be up to 1 month, 1 week or 1 day before lesions appear?”

They  replied on 7th January 2016 “Thanks for your message Chris, that’s a great question but unfortunately one we do not know the exact answer to at this stage. If the strong suspicion of an environmental trigger is correct, then the information we currently have would suggest the triggering event is a few days to a week before the development of signs.”

A week later on 14/1/16 Anderson Moores said:

“Alabama Rot update: Sadly, one further dog has been confirmed as having died as a result of cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy. In the 2 weeks prior to developing skin lesions and kidney failure the dog had been walked in Lyndhurst, Hampshire and Havant Thicket, Hampshire.”

Median time from development of skin lesions to diagnosis of
Acute Kidney Injury was four days (with a range of 1–9 days) (source: Vet Record March 2015).

So until I get further notice from Anderson Moores, I will log on the all CRGV cases map, where dogs were walked, up to 2 weeks prior to lesions being seen.

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  1. My boyfriends 2 year old Hungarian vizla jake passed away on 6th January 2016. We took him a walk over playing fields and waste ground that had been submerged during the wet weather. Jake woke up on 3rd was shaking not eating and sleeping a lot. On 4th he was admitted to vets after his paw was noticed to have a bloody wound. Jake sadly passed away after renal failure alabama rot has not been diagnosed but it’s the only explanation. He was a healthy dog full of life. More should be done to educate dog walkers. We only found out through Google and research this is a possibility.

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