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      Our dog has been on antibioticos now for 3 weeks and this is not clearing up.

      I would add that before we saw this hole a layer of his pad flapped away, in fact if you look carefully it looks like another layer is starting to crack see the line around the pad.

      We have been to the vet 3 times now.!AvqVi4y6Jw9KhPIAbxxJpuGX4BFr6A

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      Chris Street

      Hi jules666,

      If your vet thinks it might be CRGV/Alabama Rot, has your vet contacted Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists?

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      Hi jules666,

      Has your vet checked it is not mrsp which is the animal form of mrsa? They will need to sample it and send it off to the lab.

      We have had a horrendous time with our dog as the antbiotics did not work, 3 months on we found out she had mrsp.

      I hope you get it sorted

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