Is it good or bad that a dog licks and washes herself when she is muddy?

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      Gillian Lockie

      My short haired pointer/springer dog sets to after every walk and washes herself all over like a cat, (and is dry and clean by the time we get home)! Is it good or bad that that (assumed to be mud borne) pathogen is entering her digestive system? She will have washed it off her skin so that there will be less of it to enter her body via breaks in her skin. Without knowing what the disease causing element is, it would presumably be difficult to assess whether digestive processes would destroy it, or whether absorption would occur into her circulation system with introduction of the virus/bacteria into her liver and kidneys etc.

      Given that, by licking, she will definitely be taking into her body the Alabama Rot pathogen, should she be exposed to it, rather than only absorbing it if she has wounds, (if it does need a wound to gain entry), is she at greater or lesser risk?

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      Chris Street

      Anderson Moores Vet Specialists say:

      “How do I stop my dog from getting CRGV?

      Unfortunately, as the cause is currently unknown, it is very difficult to give specific advice about prevention. You may wish to consider bathing any area of your dog which becomes wet or muddy on a walk; however, at this stage, we do not know if this is necessary or of any benefit.”


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