Suspected Alabama Rot – Cumbria – August 2017

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Kevin Day

Hello Chris
Our dog died on Aug 14th 2017 with ‘suspected’ Alabama Rot. His symptoms and clinical presentation were text book. The veterinary hospital where he died couldn’t confirm his diagnosis because they said they hadn’t taken tissue samples from him, but suspected this was the cause of his illness.
We were on holiday in Cumbria (Ulswater area) with our dog when he became unwell. We had been there for ten days when I noticed the lesion on his back left lower leg. I have kept a diary of where we were on each day for the 10 days leading up to this. Would this information be of use to you? We are keen to contribute in highlighting areas of woodland where he may have caught it, so that it can be added to your map.
Your sincerely, Kevin & Niki Day