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During 2017 aims to raise £10,000 in donations for Alabama Rot research and mapping.

Between November 2012 and May 10th, 2017 the Confirmed Alabama Rot Cases map shows 98 confirmed cases of dogs with Alabama Rot. Our unique All Alabama Rot Cases map shows a further 22 unconfirmed and 35 suspected cases of dogs with Alabama Rot. Additionally, this map shows where 58 of these dogs had walked.

Confirmed Alabama Rot Cases map. All Alabama Rot Cases map: confirmed, unconfirmed & suspected cases & dog walks. analyses research on possible causes of Alabama Rot. Read what vets say about

During 2017 goal is to raise £10,000 in donations for Alabama Rot research (administered by Anderson Moores Vet Specialists / Alabama Rot Research Fund) and mapping expenses. More about donating to

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Chris Street BSc (Hons) MBA MSc (med. chem.)
Bransgore, Dorset

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  1. I’ve just found this info,. I now believe we lost our 11 year old Old English Sheepdog Baggins to this last October, he died within 3 days. His Sister who is still with us developed it 4 months previous and underwent months of treatment, it was never diagnosed as Alabama rot?? We live near Boston Lincolnshire.

    1. You have my permission (except for copies of the Alabama Rot maps). Let me know when you’ve got the page (s) and link in place on your website. Thanks.

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