3 dogs die of confirmed CRGV in Marlborough, Salisbury, Darlington

Anderson Moores have advised AlabamaRot.co.uk today, and on their FB site, that a further 3 dogs have been confirmed with Alabama Rot / cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) in the past 4 weeks in: Marlborough, Wiltshire; Salisbury, Wiltshire; Darlington, Country Durham.

Our confirmed and all cases maps have been updated with this sad news.

6 Replies to “3 dogs die of confirmed CRGV in Marlborough, Salisbury, Darlington”

  1. Hello –

    Has there been any further information released regarding the dog that passed away in Dec 2015 Darlington, Co Durham? The map implies that the only other dog that has passed away from AR in the North East was May 2013 (Hamsterly, Co Durham).

    Thank you.

  2. Hello.
    Could you tell me if Alabama Rot has reached Oxfordshire Henley on Thames area?

    Do you think there will a vaccination to stop your dog or dogs
    Getting this terrible disease?

    How did it come about that it has got into the UK?

    I have noticed that the treatment available is £6 thousand pound through pet Insurace.
    What happens to the people that don’t have pet Insurace or
    If the Insurace company that you use wont cover for this .
    I have four dogs which are a large part of my life and I as many people would be absolutely devastated if they were to catch this.


      1. I think for some dogs treatment can be more than £6000 depending on how bad they are and most insurances won’t pay that much but it helps to have insurance in place. However because the cause and how to treat it is largely unknown there is no guarantee that the dog will survive despite spending thousands.

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