Chris Street of talks to BBC Surrey

On 4th July 2016 Chris Street from talked to James Cannon & Suzanne Bamborough from the BBC Surrey breakfast show.

There have been several cases of Alabama Rot in Surrey in 2016 and in previous years (see map).

Listen (for 29 days) to the  top story from BBC Radio Surrey from from 01:00:18 to 01:00:57, 01:07:26 to 01:16:05 and then from 02:08:02.

Chris Street speaks from 02:13:15 to 02:16:07 about the Alabama Rot map, where he now walks his dog and what are the main symptoms of Alabama Rot to look out for. After 4th August listen to Chris here:




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  1. Hi I was just wondering if this Alabamarot is some thing like leishmaniasis. And it’s a bite by a type of nat or fly of some sort . The dogs that have leishmaniasis have the same type of sores and it does kill the dogs . Just a thought Margaret

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