Anecdotal link between CRGV and UK weather is increasing

David Woodmansey on May 09, 2019 in Vet Times reports. We quote

“In 2018, to the end of March, 34 cases of Alabama rot were confirmed in the UK. In 2019, to the end of March, there have been 10 confirmed cases.

Confirmed cases of the mystery, often lethal canine disease cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) are down in the UK for the first three months of 2019, compared to 2018.

The disease, commonly known as Alabama rot, appears to have a seasonal distribution with most cases being reported between November and May, but unknown aetiology.

Multidisciplinary investigations have proved inconclusive, although anecdotal evidence suggests a link to dogs walked on cold, wet, muddy terrain.

The fact confirmed cases are down this year, at a period when climatic conditions in the first three months of 2019 have been warmer and dryer than previous years, has been noted.

Data assessment

David Walker, from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, and the UK’s leading expert on Alabama rot, said: “Obviously, there has been a drop in confirmed cases of CRGV in the UK for the first three months of 2019, compared to 2018.

“However, while it’s good news for dogs and their owners, we must be cautious in attributing specific reasons for this. We’re continually assessing data associated with confirmed cases and their geographical location, but one factor we’ve been exploring is the association between increased case numbers and milder, wetter weather in winter and spring.

“Climatic conditions may have been different this year compared to last; however, this anecdotal assessment needs to be scientifically confirmed before we can reach any firm conclusions. In the meantime, we advise all vets and dog owners remain vigilant.”

CRGV was first identified in the UK in November 2012 and takes its name from a similar mystery disease that affected greyhounds in Alabama. The UK version is not breed-specific.

Any updates on locations and dates of confirmed cases will be made available at the Vets4Pets Stop Alabama Rot web page.

5 Replies to “Anecdotal link between CRGV and UK weather is increasing”

  1. When weather is warmer and wetter, there are more cases of sewage being legally discharged into watercourses and across fields designated for this purpose. Could continued long-term exposure of grass lands (used by dogwalkers) to sewage and associated sewage “fungi” be a link?
    E-coli has also been mentioned.
    Just a thought that COULD tie in the possible correlation noted between warm and wetter weather with increased incidence of disease… could the link be untreated sewage release / outflow?

  2. Hi Graham,
    Is there any evidence that links Alabama Rot with contaminated land?
    There have been recent cases identified in Kent, where dogs have been exercised in areas that have had recently suffered significant flooding?
    High Nitrate levels have been identified within some of the rivers, as well as flooded contaminated land from previous landfill sites.

  3. Of note also is the distinct lack of cases within the national parks, especially from the midlands northwards and almost total abscence north of Glasgow…all areas that get very muddy throughout the winter and are frequently used by dog walkers…and areas that are restricted in terms of other human activities which are linked to pollution. Again just observational but surely merrits investigation as to what is abscent in these environments compared to the areas of greater occurrence.

  4. Nuclear fallout. Depleted uranium from countless wars, atomised reactor fuel from fuel pool fires, meltdowns and explosions at Fukushima, Chernobyl, Dounreay, and so on. Tiny hot particles, fragments of spent nuclear fuel assemblies that so radioactive that they would kill you before you could even get near them. Hot particles, of uranium exponentially enriched and then excited by controlled fission over months and years to become plutonium for weapons research. Hot particles, hotter beyond all comparison with any naturally occurring particles. Hot particles in the atmosphere, carried on the jet stream from Japan and the US to the UK that gets 40% of Europe’s wind. Hot depleted uranium particles from our own and other firing ranges such as Lulworth. Hot particles routinely belched out of the thin smokestacks at power plants upwind of us on the French and English coastline.. Hot particles, intercepted by forests (studies have confirmed this). Hot particles from countless nuclear explosions and accidents, rained back down to earth and lying in the grass. Dogs walking in forests where domestic cats are never taken, horses do not romp nor are allowed to drink from the streams, where cattle and sheep do not normally go, but where dogs can lap from puddles and streams and romp in the mud. Fallout that we have more of whenever it rains, and is wet and muddy. Like in winter. Fallout that affects the whole country, with no obvious single point of origin – as with an outbreak of foot-and-mouth or other infectious disease. Fallout that can attack both the inside and the outside of dogs’ bodies. Lesions – a known fallout phenomenon. Kidney failure – another classic sign of radiation poisoning. Long-lived, fallout that is increasing each year, just like CRGV.

    And yet…and yet…this cause dismissed without investigation by the government-appointed Vets. You have to at least ask the question, surely?

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