Alabama Rot update: 3 dogs confirmed with CRGV in Littlehampton, Angmering & Mold

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists report 25th February 2016:

Alabama Rot update: Sadly, a further 3 dogs have been confirmed as having died as a result of cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy. The dogs were from Littlehampton, West Sussex; Angmering, West Sussex and Mold, Flintshire. We will continue to provide updates via our facebook page over the coming weeks. (source: facebook & personal message)

The confirmed and all cases maps have been updated with the three new cases.

The Littlehampton case was reported in a Portsmouth paper. A fee of £15,000 was quoted by the Royal Veterinary College (aka London University) for dialysis.


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  1. I am in complete support of your theory – I believe there are many health issues with humans and dogs which can be blamed on secret and unrecognised ignorance and abuse from industry etc etc…..I only hope for the day when people get educated about the realities of life and take a stand against these things – in the meantime we can only try to protect our dogs and ourselves as much as possible. Can we not research and lobby against these things? if anyone wants any help with any kind of campaign, I am more than happy to invest…after all, if its in the air, what is it doing to us humans?

  2. Hi All,

    I cannot tell you why your dogs got ill or died, I’m afraid, but here is a hunch. Wait for it… radioactive particles.
    Before you collapse on the floor laughing, Here are some things I you might not know:
    1) Contact with radioactive particles causes skin lesions and cause kidney failure (of course, it won’t worry you so much – unless you walk your dog in your bare feet or run around sniffing at the bottom of trees.
    2) Particles that cannot be detected by Geiger counters can cause skin lesions and kill your dog if your dog sniffs there and swallows its saliva.
    3) Nuclear power stations ROUTINELY release low level particles, and secretly release high level particles when they think they can get away with it. The Windscale disaster secretly sent plutonium right up the chimney stack. No-one told the public.
    Look at a picture of a power station. See the chimney stack? What do you suppose comes out of there? Google it.
    4) Forests and grassland are efficient collectors of – guess what? – radioactive particles. Air is collected on vertical trees and grass rain washes it to the floor – where your dogs’ paws are. Get it? Just Google it.
    5) Fukushima released HUNDREDS OF TONS of these particles, more than two-thousand radioactive substances and particles swamped the US and Britain within days. Fact.

    Question: If it’s radioactive particles, why does Alabama rot only affect the UK?

    Simple. It doesn’t. The clue’s in the name. Alabama?? Dogs in Germany have had it too. FYI, though, the jet stream from Fukushima STRADDLES the UK, but the warm mid-Atlantic air splits the jet stream to NORTHERN Europe, i.e. to 1) the UK then a bunch of snow, and 2) N. Africa – check it out with the Met Office. Oh- and the German Alabama Rot case I saw after a single quick Google search was – guess where – on the North Sea coast.

    Question: If this is true, how come we are not told? Nuclear power has always been a front for…nuclear weapons research and manufacture. Look up Windscale in Wikipedia.They were making bombs. And still are. Why else would we still have nuclear when Germany has renewables?

    The bottom line is: If my hunch is correct, and you want to protect your dog you definitely want to a) muzzle it somehow protect the tip of its nose and stop it sniffing closely at the ground and 2) and wash your dog’s legs and keep your walking shoes outside the house when you get home. The latter measure might 1) stop your dog from treading harmful radioactive dust into your house 2) who knows? stop you from breathing it in too.

    Good luck everybody.

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