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[Out of 30 dogs with confirmed CRGV] distribution of skin lesions was: distal limbs (n=28), ventrum (n=9) and oral cavity/muzzle (n=10). Sixteen dogs had more than one lesion. Fourteen had lesions in multiple locations. The appearance of the skin lesions was highly variable, ranging from superficial erosion through to full thickness ulceration,with erythema, oedema and exudation (Figure 2). Early lesions were often erythematous and focal; they occasionally appeared vesicular, with ulceration and necrosis developing subsequently. The skin lesions were often attributed to wounds, bites, stings or focal dermatitis. Lesion size ranged from 0.5 to 5 cm in diameter. Six dogs developed new limb and/or oral lesions while hospitalised. Lesions were typically painful on palpation and digital lesions often caused lameness. Oral lesions were variable but were most often focal erosions or ulcers (Figure 3). (1)


(1) Holm, L.P., Hawkins, I., Robin, C., Newton, R.J., Jepson, R., Stanzani, G., McMahon, L.A., Pesavento, P., Carr, T., Cogan, T., Couto, C.G., Cianciolo, R. and Walker, D.J. (2015) ‘Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy as a cause of acute kidney injury in dogs in the UK’, Veterinary Record, vol. accepted January 21st 2015, no.available free online 23rd March 2015, pp. 1-12.

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  1. I do hope the 2 previous ladies have “healthy” dogs now.
    We will be inspecting our Sasha (a white Canadian Shepherd) on
    return from ” walkies”, and will wash her if she goes into water or muddy areas. When possible we will not take her anywhere we suspect could be dangerous.
    We see from the map of the UK that it is coming closer to where we live in Edinburgh.
    We have donated to the Research Fund and would encourage all owners to please do the same.

  2. If a red sore spot or lesion reduces/lessons within a day could it still be Alabama rot? It seems that symptoms seem to worsen quickly from what I am reading. Vets in the morning if not.

    1. Did you go? One of my dogs had a slightly swollen muzzle I thought she’d been bruised from some boisterous play but woke the following morning to very swollen face and several blisters on her muzzle. Straight to vet. We’ve had another visit since. Vets not at all sure what it is. She’s on acourse of antibiotics it all looks dry now I’m just praying that 7 days in it’s going to be ok. But if in any doubt I’d recommend going straight to your vet.

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