Dog Owners

Dog owners whose dogs have died or survived Alabama Rot:

  • Clare McKenzie. “All dog owners need to be aware of this killer disease of our doggie 4 paws. It happened to our dog so it could happen to yours.” (21st April 2017)
  • Tracey Matherick (Chard, Somerset). “As somebody who has lost a fit and healthy 8-year-old dog to ” a mystery toxin in the New Forest killing dogs “which was then re- named Alabama Rot and is now known as CRGV. The horrible pictures are very familiar to me. I am not an expert by any means.  I would personally prefer to exercise my dogs on a Sandy beach or pebbly beach to a forest. Personal preference only. I would still wash feet and mouths the best I could, and I would not allow drinking from puddles or standing water, I would also not allow digging, again not proven remedies but from experience, this would be my advice”. (Facebook 31 January 2017 )