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  1. A brilliant idea to start this page Chris. As you say ‘time is if the essence’ when dealing with this awful disease and your usual vet unlikely to recognise the initial symptoms particularly if there are no known cases in the area. There has been a lot of ‘hype’ and irresponsible media reports on what causes this disease, the report from the Telegraph on March 14 regards raw feeding being responsible still circulates FB from time to time, appearing on my threads just a couple of days ago. It is reports like this that are just scaremongering and causing panic amongst owners, because as we know they don’t actually know the source as yet so I hope this site will help to educate owners as to what to look out for, how to react, and the fact it is still currently being researched with no real conclusions as to why this is happening having been reached.

  2. Hello Chris ,
    On the 11th February 2012 our dog Boo became unwell after visiting the NewForest. On the 21st of February 2012 she was put to sleep. At the time this happened she was diagnosed as having died from ” a mystery toxin affecting dogs in the NewForest ” later to be named “Alabama Rot” She was one of the first dogs to die. Much less was known back then and we spent 10 heart wrenching days watching her suffer while we frantically tried with our vets in Somerset to ease her suffering and to heal her infected paw. This was all in vain and we had to make the decision that was kindest in the end.
    Over the past 2 years we have seen a growing awareness of this horrible illness, we have viewed television reports, newspaper articles , seen information on Facebook.
    We feel that thankfully the message is getting spread , and had we encountered the same symptoms in our dog today we would have recognised the signs and acted with some knowledge of what to do .
    Good luck with your page.

      1. Oops ! Yes , I did mean 2013 . We live in Somerset , we visited Ashley Heath for a day with our dogs and on our return the same evening Boo was lame . Prior to our trip Boo was fit and healthy and walked in Somerset.

        1. thanks Tracey.

          David Walker at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists – the Alabama Rot researchers are saying we need to find out exactly the route that dogs were walked up to 1 month before they were diagnosed with Alabama Rot. “Please rest assured that if we become aware of two or more dogs that become affected by CRGV that have been walked on the same route in a precise geographical location this information will be publicised.” source: https://www.facebook.com/newforestpathogenkillingdogs/posts/864260613615098


          “At this stage we do not know for certain if there is an environmental trigger for CRGV. Indeed, if there is an environmental trigger we do not know when, in relation to the development of clinical signs, this occurs (e.g. environmental exposure could occur one day, one week, or one month before clinical signs develop).” source: 29th January 2015 update http://www.andersonmoores.com/vet/news

          So if you can provide exact geographical details of all of Boo’s walk up to a month before diagnosis, I will update my map and pass this information onto Anderson Moores.

          Chris Street

  3. Hello Chris
    Just to say “well done” for starting this page. I think you will help a lot of people who are really concerned about Alabama rot. We live on the Isle of Wight, and, as yet, have had no cases locally. However, it is a great concern to everyone who walk their dogs, as it is no longer confined to the Forest, and appears to have no pattern emerging. Living so near, we do visit quite frequently, and am always worried “in case”. Despite the number of affected dogs being quite small in proportion, it is still a worry to all dog owners. I shall follow you with interest!

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