Suspected case of Alabama Rot in Portsmouth

portsmouth-newsThe Portsmouth News (8th January 2016) reports that a dog in Portsmouth has skin lesions – but so far does not have kidney failure.

Luke Orrell’s labrador Flake is currently seriously ill with what vets suspect is Alabama Rot / CRGV – after she was walked in Hilsea and North End.  Devastated Luke, a 26-year-old teacher, said: ‘I walk her the same route every day. ‘We go through North End, around Hilsea Lines, over the bridge, down past Foxes Forest and home.

“My usual vet was very, very concerned and she was referred to Anderson Moores in Winchester where they told me she had an 80 per cent chance it was Alabama rot”.

So far Flake’s treatment has cost £6,000 – which is covered by pet insurance.

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  1. Is flake ok ? And is there more information on exactly where she was walked ? Was it on grass .mud or pavement walks ? Please god she’s ok .im very worried as I live in hilsea .

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