Confirmed Alabama Rot Map

Since November 2012 have included confirmed cases of Alabama Rot on a UK map, with data sourced from Anderson Moores Vet Specialists (AMVS). From 5th October 2017, with the agreement of the Alabama Rot Research Fund & AMVS, this map has been retired.

Vets4Pets map of confirmed Alabama Rot cases

Instead, we suggest dog owners check the Vets4Pets map of confirmed Alabama Rot cases.

What are ‘Confirmed’ Alabama Rot Cases?

‘Confirmed Cases’ are dogs in whom cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) [or ‘Alabama Rot’] was suspected and renal thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA) was histopathologically confirmed after the dog died.

Why have a map of Alabama Rot cases?

The cause of Alabama Rot in dogs is still unknown. Alabama Rot is 90% fatal in dogs. An environmental factor could trigger Alabama Rot.

Vet David Walker of Anderson Moores
David Walker of Anderson Moores
Anderson Moores

Vet David Walker at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists said:

“we do not know for certain if there is an environmental trigger for CRGV. Indeed, if there is an environmental trigger we do not know when, in relation to the development of clinical signs, this occurs (e.g. environmental exposure could occur one day, one week, or one month before clinical signs develop)” (29th January 2015)

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  1. ALABAMA ROT claimed the life of my gorgeous beautiful Shadow, my Dalmatian on 01.02.18 — I am devastated and heartbroken. This was horrible to watch and not being able to do anything…..

    I went to a meeting which didnt reveal or answered anything. The vets were vague and from my little knowledge didn’t know more than I did, unless they didn’t tell us everything. And this will always be my hunch. This is going for knowingly 6 years and apparently in all these years nothing has been found. I don’t believe it. And why doesnt this affect foxes?? Today I heard of 6 cases in my immediate area. Most these cases will not be mentioned and just forgotten about. So the numbers we see aren’t actually true. Where is there (except for the map) a list of breeds, ages, long-hair short-hair, gender etc?

    1. I don’t believe they are able to fully divulge what they know. Like Graham I smell a rat. Not the same rat though. I think our dogs are now vulnerable to something that has been with us all the time. Their immune systems have been adversely affected by something. Something they ingested.

  2. Has anyone considered Grey Squirrels as a possible carrier? I’m in Scotland where their are less or no Grey Squirrels and less or no cases of AR

  3. 3 independent people have each told me of a dog death (alabama rot) at May Hill,cliffords mesne)Glos. and one person said they read a newspaper report of a dog death at Highnam nr.Gloucester.

    1. Hi Dave
      Make that 4 people.
      I know 3 dogs in this area-not all officially confirmed although vet was sure.
      Don’t know about Highnam. So maybe that makes 4 dogs.
      So with the local case of the Visler at Longhope being the flag on the map you can multiply by 3 or 4 to get a real picture. Scary.
      It will be a while before I do woodland walks!

  4. Is it me, or is there a high correlation between it being mostly the winter months and in woodlands. I wonder with all the different spike nuts laying on the ground and rotting, whether the dogs get like a needle stick injury introducing bacteria/fungus into their paws. Dogs lick the injured site and ingest the microorganism. Dog keeps worrying at injury, breaking down their skin, and the rot spreads further. A lot of the unknown areas walked live near woods. It seems to be after the leaves and nuts fall, in damp fungus woodlands, all the way up to April time… maybe doggy shoes would be a good thing? Plus washing paws in something like hibiscrub after a walk…?? If dog starts worrying their paw, wash again with hibiscrub, put a sock on their paw, and get to vet asap…??

  5. Very worried about this problem and examining my dog after walks.. I live in the north west of the UK and would like to be kept up to date on any cases and their whereabouts. Also of any new treatments. Thanks

  6. Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Firstly, it’s always great to hear from you, and thanks for the unvelievable work you are doing here.

    I prepared a couple of long responses and then I thought to myself “Why should I do all the work here?”. I respond to Laura’s statement by saying, “Prove it”. What information do you have to support your assertion, because all the papers I have seen on rediation-induced nephropathy report that th e glomeruli are primarily targeted by both external and internal radiation (you can Google this stuff yourself too).

    Best regards to you both.

    1. Then why only one case in Cornwall then. There is loads of uranium on footpaths left from the mining industry there. Very radioactive compared with the rest of the country.

  7. Hi Graham,
    you said:
    >The radiation idea makes lots of sense – but it is >still only a possibility – a very real possibility so far >as I can see.

    Laura Holm of Anderson Moores wrote here on 19th October 2016:
    “I have come across comments indicating that people are concerned about CRGV being the result of radiation poisoning. All possibilities are being carefully considered, but the histopathological changes seen with CRGV are different from those seen in the kidney following radiation damage – namely with CRGV, the glomerular capillaries specifically are targeted, whereas with radiation nephropathy, the vessels throughout the interstitium undergo damage.”

    Graham, how do you respond to this statement by Laura at AM?

    Regards, Chris Street

  8. Hi Tarnia,

    The radiation idea makes lots of sense – but it is still only a possibility – a very real possibility so far as I can see.

    I am perplexed by your assertion that you would expect to see more cases if radiation were the cause. That makes no sense to me – and it flies in the face of research on radiation poisoning.

    The accepted model for this – currently used the world over – is LNT or linear NO THRESHOLD. In other words – NO MINIMUM NUMBER OF CASES. Regardless of whether the radiatioin was external or internal (ingested particles), the smaller the amount of radiation, the smaller the number of cases, right down to zero. Therefore anything from zero to an infinite number of cases could be radiation induced. So from the number of cases, clearly CRGV could be radiation induced.

    I have raised this before, but as far as I can see no-one has offered any scientific basis for the theory that radiation would cause more cases.

    This seems to still be be the official (AM) view, but they do not appear to have posted any scientific evidence is offered to back up their “not enough cases” claim.

    Are the officials simply too busy to respond properly to posts here (in which case, why don’t they say so?), are they just ignorant of the science (in which case, why don’t they admit it?), do they know something we do not (in which case tell us!), or is there a cover-up?

    As they were appointed by the government, have they been instructed not to look into this? It would not be the first cover-up on behalf of the nuclear industry. Google Windscale (now Sellafield) and Dounreay – you can also search on youtube. There are some great documentaries on these nuclear disasters there – all covered up at the time – as was the depleted uranium target practice at Lulworth (Dorset).

  9. deer or other wild animals need to be concidered as many have already said, it seems to be contracted in woods and parkland, it wouldn’t take long for it to spread. Like myxomatosis but carried by a host whom is not affected by it, or is!
    The radiation idea does make sense, but as others have said I would expect to see more cases over the five years.
    There’s a big gathering of cases by the south and west cost, and fewer inland, could this be somthing to look into?
    another theory is fugi, mushrooms are known to Let off spores that can cause organs to shut down. Could it be possible a cut on a dogs leg or paw is already there before they contract Alabama rot but isn’t noticed until the dog has caught it and the wound is more noticeable, and that is how the diseases is getting into the blood stream?

    1. Myxomatosis is a man made disease. And how about if Alabama rot was man made? How about if it i all a money making to develop a vaccine to then ‘try’ it on our dogs and use them as guinea pigs? There has been many cases to of Leptrospirosis and it has now been shown that all they wanted was to develop a vaccine and of 100% of vaccinated dogs 100% died….Its all an awful thought, but who can say its not possible??

  10. Are you not tracking cases North of the border? News reports stated three cases of Alabama rot in Scotland, I’m wondering why they are not reported here?

    1. Hi Cat,
      please advise press links to these 3 cases in Scotland. I’ll add them to our all cases map, if vets suspected Alabama Rot.

  11. July s on Facebook is keen for other dog owners to be aware of a case of Alabama Rot in her lab x in Dinton Salisbury Wiltshire. She has walked her dog solely in the grounds of Philips House Dinton Park for the last two years and is asking other dog walkers in that area to be extra vigilant for the signs and symptoms of CRGV, more commonly referred to as Alabama Rot and is asking has there been more cases of Alabama Rot in Dinton Park.

  12. Hi Alison,
    I’ve not found a way to import the data into Excel. You can ‘Export to KML’ from the menu (click the 3 vertical dots). However, I’m not sure what you can do with that KML file, except import it into another Google Map.

    Many of the cases, but not all, in the first 2 years, were in the New Forest. Other cases were, for example, in Guildford, Manchester and other areas.

  13. Hi Alison,
    I’ve not found a way to import the data into Excel. However you can ‘Export to KML’ from the menu (click the 3 vertical dots).

    Many of the cases, but not all, in the first 2 year, were in the New Forest. Other cases were, for example, in Guildford and Manchester.

  14. I seem to recall that all this started with reports of deaths only in the New Forest for some considerable time, per various articles, but the map doesn’t necessarily reflect this. Were the cases isolated to the New Forest for the first couple of years? Do you have a simple list of areas by year and month? Can’t seem to find that now.

    1. Hi H :o),

      Well, there are limits, of course, but there IS treatment, and some prevention too. Just Google: “protect your dog from radiation” and you’ll get a whole bunch of stuff.

      But, whether or not – surely, we want the truth or a reasonable scientific search for it.

      The cause might not be radioactivity. It might be some other contaminant, but it is difficult to know what other pollutant would be so widely spread and cause what seem to be known radiation poisoning symptoms, in those areas of the dog’s anatomy. For example, the “blood vessel” explanation given by the CGRV research papers for why this affects paws, legs and underbelly seems preposterous to me. The more obvious conclusion – that the dogs are walking in a contaminant deposited on the ground – I did not see it discussed there.
      It is already KNOWN that the particles are there – the ongoing open-air fission from the Fukushima disaster, the WIPP disaster, the recent Flamanville and two other French nuclear power plant explosions – thanks, EDF – can’t wait for Hinkley Point – plus daily ROUTINE releases into the northern hemisphere jet stream by hundreds of UK and US nuclear sites – dozens of leaky old power plants beyond their safe life, open-air nuclear dumps (like the Sellafield sludge pond), sub bases and DU firing ranges all over the place in the UK). Just Google “UK nuclear sites”/check out Incidentally, did you know there was a Scottish nuclear disaster, anyone?

      The science says the stuff is there. On the ground. Especially in the woods. We are only arguing about how much, and what it does to our pets – and us.

      If CRGV is from radioactive particles and we knew that, we would know that no clean-up or cure is likely, and we could then, at the very least take a view as to whether we wanted to own a dog at all, knowing that there is an increasing risk of having to watch it die in misery as the radioactive particulates from the unstoppable Fukushima disaster – all the above – and other disasters yet to come – inexorably accumulate in the coming years.

  15. Thanks Christopher Goven Street for clarifying that the Sandringham cases were Seasonal Canine Illness and not Alabama rot …. I thought it was one and the same! I wonder how many others do too. The symptoms are clearly different and worth knowing.

  16. My husband asked me why Sandringham in Norfolk was not marked on the map. We thought that the queen’s estate had AR or very similar and had heard of dogs being ill etc. after walking there. We thought that the first two areas of concern,5years ago were New Forest and Sandringham,r we wrong?
    The nuclear fall out suggestion is certainly one which would explain the total lack of any identity of cause in all these years.

  17. I would just like to ask for some advice. My dog went to the vets today with a problem with his gum with what looks like a large lump or swelling over his tooth. The vet observed that but was worried about what she believed to be CRGV symptoms on his legs and paws. The redness is on the bottom of his paws in-between the pads and is unexplained by any injury etc. He got tested for kidney failure and his kidneys were functioning as normal for the time being and we are to wait to see if other symptoms start to show. Is there any suggested advice for treatment before anything bad is noticed about kidney function? Obviously this is a disease which moves very fast so just seeing if there’s anything that could or should be done prior to more severe symptoms.

  18. I really think you are on to something Graham, thanks for posting, it makes complete sense to me, I would never have thought of radiation poisoning…. and yes, I agree about authorities and big businesses fearing getting found out.

      1. We all ingest some particles of radioactive substances – alas part of our background radiation thanks to our nuclear past and present. The dogs are not unique and more susceptible than the creatures living in those areas. If radiation was the cause then we would see wildlife affected. We don’t.

        The smoking gun is more likely to be something new we are doing.

        Either we have damaged our dogs immune systems by giving them something (Google some of the new oral parasite treatments) or they have picked up something meant for another animal as a pest control measure. Someone mentioned squirrels. Maybe and perhaps badgers.
        Maybe this is why it’s gone kind of quiet. I can see why people don’t trust the official line as being the whole truth, but I really think radiation is less likely than this.

  19. I wouldn’t be at all surprised Graham if it is connected to what you are saying.
    Everything gets covered up! The general public wouldn’t be told the truth for fear of mass hysteria!

    1. Hi Teresa, great to have your comment. They talk about hysteria, but when did you or I ever see any? What the authorities and big business fear is getting found out.

    2. Myxomatosis is a man made disease. And how about if Alabama rot was man made? How about if it i all a money making to develop a vaccine to then ‘try’ it on our dogs and use them as guinea pigs? There has been many cases to of Leptrospirosis and it has now been shown that all they wanted was to develop a vaccine and of 100% of vaccinated dogs 100% died….Its all an awful thought, but who can say its not possible??

  20. We do well to remember:

    1) CRGV is nothing more than a fancy name for the SYMPTOMS. No-one has identified a cause (i.e.) disease as such. IBS, for example, is not a disease, it’s just a fancy abbreviation for bowel SYMPTOMS , but it makes you think the doctor knows what’s wrong with you when he doesn’t.

    2) Radiation that does not show up on Geiger counters/detectors can still kill your dog – and you. Just a few microscopic specks swallowed by your dog or lodged somewhere on/in the body can kill it.

    3) Radioactive fallout concentrates at certain spots, crevices in pavements, the sides of the road, and alpha-emitting particles that will not show up on a Geiger held only inches away – especially if there is long grass or something in the way will still kill your dog.

    Alpha radiation does not even pass through paper, but alpha-emitting particles in close contact with your dog’s flesh will kill the surrounding cells. The dog’s flesh can actually HIDE what killed it, to all but the most exhaustive, expensive testing.

    4) We have to make nuclear bombs, so there have to be nuclear power stations that once in a while blow up (sometimes even a nuclear explosion – the process is the same, fission). That is why all of this gets covered up.

  21. Hello my dog might have alabama rot in his mouth .vets done blood test he has two large red sores in his mouth vets done biopsy waiting for results .kidneys are ok blood showing to many white cells
    He has not been off the land where I live he runs around orchard I have 8 dogs .the ill one is Titan Tibetan mastiff evening treated at heathfield vets
    Just got outside dog shower so I can shampoo them off outside with warm water to get mud off to
    Titan is at home with me

    1. Folks. Let’s think about this.

      Renal failure and lesions are classic symptoms of radiation poisoning. Forests in and grassland particular are excellent filters for radioactive fallout. Trees and bushes catch the particles and they are washed to the floor by the rain.
      Dogs walk in the deposited radioactive particles and get lesions in the lower legs. If they sniff in the right places wrong spots they ingest the particles. If they take in enough of it their kidneys fail. Hot particles lodged in the skin or in the tongue will cause lesions.

      The whole country has been bathed in radioactive fallout since the 3+ Fukushima total melt-downs, and the site continues to emit radioactive pollution to this day.

      The affected tissues are lower legs and tongues and kidneys. Three different tissue types, so this is germs floating in the air and then settling on the animal, otherwise the skin of the upper legs and back as well as the lower legs would be affected.

      This is cannot be a disease, because the labs would have found the virus/bacteria responsible.

      The geographical grouping of the cases may well coincide with where the fallout has “rained out” of the atmosphere, like the Fukushima radioactive plume rained out on the EAST coast(!) of America having entirely missed the West.

      Tell me I’m wrong.

        1. Hi Zsu,

          Really? My first question to you would be – how do you know? Do you know someone or something we don’t?

          I am sure there will be enough dog owners dying of kidney failure and cancer each year to more than cover the number of dogs dying of CRGV.

          Sure, we don’t get the lesions on our noses, bellies and legs, but when was the last time you saw a human running round the new forest barefoot on all fours, sniffing at the bottom of trees, drinking from puddles and rolling around in the dirt?

          It is already well-known that species with paws are more vulnerable to radioactive fallout than even other animals – say, horses – that have hooves, because the particles can easily lodge between the “toes” and the hair of the paws – the precise location of the lesions. Look up radiation poisoning in Wikipedia.

          You know, you don’t just drop dead when you swallow one radioactive particle or pass a radiation source. With particulates, there has to be a critical mass to kill you so quickly (remember Litvinenko), and with non-ingested radiation (say, being near something radioactive but not breathing it in) you have to be exposed to a certain dose for a certain length of time, so unless you dance barefoot in the dirt or sniff the ground as much as your dog, or drink as much water from puddles, you, as a human would be much less at risk than your dog – and with only fifty DOG cases, in, what? five years, now? in dogs, you aren’t going to see all that many sick humans, are you?

          Not that you would know if humans were dying too, mind. People ARE dying though. All the time. From cancers. For all you know, you or I may have the self same particles in our lungs or kidneys or brains right now, and if we get sick, I doubt the doctors are going to asking us whether we’ve got a dog, and did we ever walk it in the New Forest. Even if they did, with such small sample sizes 50/UK dog population you couldn’t prove anyone died of it – just as – with respect – you cannot show that NO-one died.

          It is well known that even within a species females and young are more vulnerable than old and young. Even in the same creature, radioactive particles do not distribute evenly, and some cell types are affected more than others when the body is evenly irradiated, so there is no reason that all parts of an animal, or all animals in a species, or all species would be evenly affected by either external (rays) or ingested radiation (particles). Just because dogs have got this now does not mean that we should have it too.

    2. Has anyone tried turmeric paste,high doses,for trying to treat this,alongside high vit c doses.just a curiosity,as golden paste is anti-viral/anti-fungal.I think if all cenventional medicines dont work.iu would be giving this a go…

  22. My dog died two weeks ago. The vets did not find out what it was. It began with a lesion on one paw which looked like a cut. Within two days all cuts were open and two black balls fell off when doing surgery. She was two days in vet clinic, getting infusions of cortison, antibiotics and vitamins. Next day ulcers appeared in the mouth. The dog had a strong sent of pus.

    After an injection back in the clinic which seemed to be painful the vet said that there must also be an inflammation of the veinss. He suggested to put her down to stop suffering.

    I live near Cologne in Germany but the dog was also on holiday in the Netherlands shortly before it begun.
    It looks much like Alabama rot. My dog is buried now so that we cannot do further examination. But maybe also helpful to spread, that others can get earlier help.

    1. I know its a few years since you posted this. But it sounds very much like Alabama rot. I went to a meeting on 13.02.18 and they said that anti-inflammatory injections make the disease spread 4 x faster. I have lost my Shadow my Dalmatian to AR on 01.02.18 and have done a lot of investigation since. And I have a funny feeling about it all being a man made disease. Are there many cases in Germany you know of?

  23. Two things have struck me about this condition since it broke out over here. Firstly it seems more prevalent in milder winters, making me wonder if colder weather kills off the vector, and secondly, it always seems to be present in locations where there are abundant horses, making me wonder if horses are the reservoir of the vector. I doubt my hypothesis holds water, but I would like to know for sure.

    1. I think you are probably correct about the wet and mild but the horses link is questionable because otherwise horse yards with dogs would have the same problem. Unless it is feral horses and linked somehow to their worm burden but I belive there was a case in London parks where there are no feral horses. Equaly in these areas there would be deer, rabbits, badgers etc etc all of which could be carrying something unharmful to them but not to dogs – good luck vets with your research.

    2. hi there arent abundant horses in Penkhull but there are 2 that live in the field adjacent to where the dogs that dies were walked

  24. Hi,

    I am aware of several cases of ‘Alabama Rot’ being diagnosed by Drove Veterinarians in Marlborough, Wiltshire ( I believe the cases are linked by the dogs having been walked in West Woods, nr Marlborough (51.396746, -1.776540).

    Kind regards,
    Matthew Armishaw

    1. Thanks Matthew. I heard about these cases a few days ago. BBC Radio Wiltshire did a piece and facebook is talking about it. I’ll add these suspected cases to the ‘all cases’ map soonest.

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