Alabama rot: Dog lover’s campaign raises >£5,000 for research in a week.

pippa-jessica-worthingtonSwindon Advertiser, 16/12/2015.

A SWINDON dog owner, Jessica Worthington  has revealed the heartbreak of having her pet die from deadly Alabama rot. She took her two cocker spaniels to Marlborough’s West Woods last week. Jessica said: “I shampooed both my dogs after the walk on Friday, as I always would after a walk like that. On Sunday everything was still fine with both dogs but on Monday, literally overnight, lesions started to appear on their legs.”

Update 4th January 2016

Jessica Worthington has raised almost £5,250 (in 1 week) for research into Alabama Rot, in memory of Pippa her cocker spaniel. Jessica spoke on Oxford Radio about her loss and her story was picked up by the local press and on South Today on BBC1 on .


I’ve updated the all cases CRGV map under ‘suspected cases’.

Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists advise  that a further three (unconfirmed) cases have seen from Wiltshire.

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