About Alabama Rot / CRGV

Read the current info about Alabama Rot / CRGV for pet owners from Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS).

If your dog gets skin lesions or other symptoms consult your vet, without delay.

“Unexplained redness, sores or swelling of the skin (particularly on the paws or legs but also the body, face, tongue or mouth) are often the first sign of this disease.” (AMVS, Feb 2016)

After four years in the UK, we still don’t know what causes Alabama Rot. However, AlabamaRot.co.uk have analysed the records – we know that 90% of confirmed cases have been in the six months during Winter and Spring (December – May).


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Dog dies of suspected Alabama Rot. Walked in Woburn woodlands.

Charlie Helen P on Facebook reports how her dog ‘Max’ died of suspected Alabama Rot. During the month before his death, he had only been walked in woodlands around Woburn in Bedfordshire.

Ten days before this death Max developed spots/lesions on his chest. He lost his appetite, energy and enthusiasm (severe lethargy). Max was violently sick and died after acute renal failure.

Max had no post mortem so his case cannot be ‘confirmed’ by the vet as being Alabama Rot.

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The AlabamaRot.co.uk ‘All cases’ map has been updated with his suspected case in Woburn. The map has further details of the two vet practices (Heath & Reach Vets and Vets Now in Luton) that saw Max.

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Dog dies of Alabama Rot in West Chelborough / Ryme Intrinseca, Dorset

Sadly Anderson Moores advise a case of Alabama Rot has been confirmed in West Chelborough, Dorset (midway between Dorchester in Dorset and Yeovil in Somerset).

The AlabamaRot.co.uk Confirmed and All Cases maps have been updated showing where (mostly by town) and when (by month since November 2012) the other Alabama Rot cases were found in Dorset and the rest of England.

Girling & Bowditch Vets say that the dog was walked in the West Chelborough & Ryme Intrinseca area.

Confirmed Alabama Rot Cases map

All Alabama Rot Cases map

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